Protect Your Electric Gate From Winter Weather

As the dark nights become more prolonged and many take advantage of the benefits of not needing to leave their car to open their gates, it’s important to ensure that your electric gate is maintained over winter to prevent any unnecessary wear and tear. Although perhaps, faulty gates could mean you trapped in your house for the winter behind a lovely fire, those Christmas gifts won’t buy themselves and the longer leave them the harder they will be to fix. The prevention is always better than the cure.

Here in Britain, and especially up North, we can have some of the harshest winters and the frost and sub-zero temperatures can mean that the inner workings of your gate can lose flexibility. By treating the gates with care and attention before the weather gets too severe will mean that your gates stay secure and you’ll feel safer knowing you’ve got it under control.

There are a number of ways you can protect your gate from winter weather and they are:

  • Run the operating system to keep the inner gears and parts flexible

  • Inspect the gate and drive belt for signs of wear and tear or alignment issues

  • Grease the gate hinges so they don’t freeze or stick but do not do this in wet weather

  • Check that there is adequate drainage so that the gate isn’t exposed to too much rain, ice or snow

  • Check that the motors are only set to move the weight of the gate and nothing else – the torque is too high if the gate is able to drag you with it

  • If it’s been snowing, make sure you move remove the snow daily from around the gates to allow for slick movement

Whilst you may be used to automated gates doing the work for you, it’s recommended that you ensure they’re maintained to prevent any security or mechanical issues by following the advice above. If you have any further questions about a particular brand or model you can contact us directly and if you would like more information on maintenance or repair you can visit our page for relevant information.

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