How to Beat The Crowds at The Electric Gates

Brit’s love a good queue, we’re famous for it, but we don’t half complain about it. Maybe it’s our inherent ‘Britishness’ and our ability to stand politely by while we become more and more furious about the fact that we’re queuing. Whatever it is, as a Nation we’re great at forming an orderly line and turning a crowd situation into something much more manageable. Here at Portcullis Gates we want to break the mold and, since we deal in electric gates, we’re going to look into how to avoid the crowds (and therefore the dreaded queue) at your favourite places whose entries are barred with an electric gate.

Festival Gates

Everyone that’s ever been to a festival knows to prepare for the long and arduous entry situation. Thousands of people raring to start listening to music and drinking creates a frenzied environment; there’s pushing, heckling and a lot of pre-drinking. Many major festivals are now adopting electric turnstiles and systems to combat the huge influx of people, a much quicker and easier way to make your way through the system. Our advice is to take a rucksack or walking bag (no one wants to carry a suitcase through a turnstile or campsite) and have all alcohol or items that may need checking handy. Make sure you have your wristband, pass, or booking info to hand in order for them to work as fluidly as possible.

Sports Queues


Electric turnstiles are no new thing at sporting events; those at football, rugby, American Football, baseball, you name it stadiums have seen the need for regulated entries for quite some time. Controlling the entry and exit of thousands of burly sports fans who are either excited or annoyed is no easy thing and so, the installment of electric gates was introduced.

We suggest bringing a pack up to avoid the overpriced burgers, drinks and crowd. It’s also essential to wear your team’s colours and edge towards the queue that matches yours, just in case things get ugly.

Tube turnstiles

Tube, metro and subway electric turnstiles are a dream. Not having to talk to anyone on your daily commute is one of the beauties of anything automated. It’s actually always somewhat surprising that there isn’t more of a queue but but another British quality to the ability to get through the day ignoring every other human being, so getting through a tube station quickly is paramount for this. If it’s your local route to work, avoid tourists at all costs, keep an eye out for anyone excitable and brandishing their brand new ticket or oyster and faltering at the gates.

School Gates


Schools are, quite rightly, becoming more and more concerned about the safety of its pupils. In the past few years it is extremely common to see an electric school gate guarding the entrance to the school for added security and is now a basic requirement for most. They could even be seen in use on Channel 4’s most recent ‘Educating Cardiff’! When dropping off kids make sure you’re not too late as schools do shut gates when school is in session and if you’re planning on playing the truant and sneaking out past them, beware the CCTV that most have installed these days.

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